Vredenhof Cemetery
the Netherlands

The Vredenhof (literally Peace garden) is a small private cemetery in the sand dunes about 2 kilometres east of the village.
It was created in 1906 for the burial of bodies washed up by the sea, and maintained by local subscribtions. The land was the gift of the then owner, Count von Bernstorff and the cemetery was the personal project and, until his death in 1955, the main interest of Mr S. van der Werff a well known resident of Schiermonnikoog. He laid out the cemetery, planted trees and shrubs and built a cross and a small chapel all largely at his own expense.

During the 1939-1945 War the cemetery was extended at the rear and new trees and shrubs were planted.
It is in this part of the cemetery that the majority of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth graves are situated, although a few are in the original portion.
There are altogether 85 war burials, consisting of 1 soldier, 42 airmen and 3 Merchant Navy seamen from the United Kingdom; 10 Canadian, 2 Australian and 4 New Zealand airmen and 3 Polish airmen.
Of these, 13 airmen and 2 Merchant Navy seaman from the United Kingdom and 1 Polish airman are not identified.
Every year at the 4th of May a Rememberance Service will be held on the cemetery.
For more information about the history of the cemetery and his graves you can make contact with the tender of this grave-yard, and also consul of the Dutch War Graves Commission:

Mr. Wyb Jan Groendijk,
Willem Dijkstraat 4
9166 SG Schiermonnikoog,
the Netherlands,
Email: wj.groendijk@chello.nl